Scientific underpinning

Animal Transport Certification

Scientific underpinning of quality criteria for CPs

A main objective of the project was to contribute to the designin, planning and renovating of the four Control Posts (CPs) on the basis of scientific underpinning of quality criteria.

The development of scientific background for design, development and renovation of specific infrastructure of the CPs (for example, loading/unloading facilities, facilities for drivers, etc.) was a core action executed during the project.

Specific objectives of this project task were:

- to determine priorities for renovation of each participating CP, based on what each Control Post intended to renovate;

- to develop scientific background for building and renovation of the involved CPS according to defined quality criteria.

To this end, a study was developed summarising main outcomes of the scientific research and the analysis performed.

The methodology applied in this study mainly includes study visits to the CPs, discussion with the CP owners, reviewing of the literature related to animal transport and housing conditions.

Involved partners summarised in the following report basic requirements of housing conditions at CPs and factors to be considered for the development of quality Control Posts.

Moreover, characteristics of loading and unloading ramps are described, as well as consequences to be considered when mixing animals at CPs. Ventilation and air quality, housing conditions, space allowance and layout for quality CPs are analysed and described to establish criteria and priorities important to considered for renovation of Quality Control Posts.

Concluding remarks and recommendations are included in the report as concerns, in particular, temperature requirements, space allowances and ramp angle for newly structured CPs.

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