Information and dissemination strategy

Animal Transport Certification

Information and dissemination strategy

Potential users of the CPs and transporters, participating in the action, were informed about the project outputs, such as internationally recognised good practices, requirements and standards concerning animal welfare and bio-security issues, the assessment of welfare of transported animals, the project certification scheme for animal transporters and quality CPs in Europe, their location and services.

In general terms, the project shared information, documents and publications, both in printable and electronic version, through this website to a target audience and everyday wider general public.

Moreover a permanent social network among policy decision makers, animal welfare scientists, CPs managers, animal transporters and their associations was created to promote knowledge sharing and expertise networking on the main crucial topics (e.g. the existing EU legislation, National laws, ICT Systems, latest research outcomes concerning animal welfare in relation to transport, leading animal welfare guidelines).

This website hosts a Journal section; News and events, Newsletters, publications were inserted there and made available.

On LinkedIn a project virtual community was also created: communication about results of the initiative, dissemination of results and knowledge sharing were also promoted using this innovative tool.

The project information and dissemination strategy contributed in building knowledge on animal welfare during long journey transport and to promote effective networking.

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