Animal Transport Certification


Two user friendly handbooks were produced: the first one provides guidelines and recommendations for livestock transport in compliance with the Council Regulation No 1/2005.

It adds also new insights to the Council Regulation No 1/2005: several recommendations are based on scientific results achieved through research projects like Welfare Quality® and EconWelfare. Furthermore, the handbook adopts a series of recommendations contained in the Scientific Opinion concerning the welfare of animals during transport issued by the EFSA Panel on Animal Health and Welfare (AHAW). Practical guidelines concerning the full and, in particular, uniform compliance with Council Regulation 1/2005 complete the handbook, as one of the weaknesses of this Regulation is the lack of compliance in several Member States.

The second handbook provides information on two different certification schemes (one dedicated to Animal Transport Companies and the other one to official CPs in the EU) and on the necessary steps to apply for such certifications focused on horses, cattle, pigs and sheep.

The handbooks are tailored and addressed to animal transport companies involved in long distance transportation (long journeys exceeding 8 hours) and to official control posts in the EU, in order to provide information and inputs useful to improve animal welfare in long journey transport. To this end, these documents have a very practical approach and include guidelines helpful to give a concrete explanation of the information provided. The provided information might be interesting as well for the other stakeholders actively involved in the meat production chain.

These informative tools are published in electronic version and translated in different language (French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish) to favour their accessibility and dissemination.

Handbook "Certification Scheme"

Handbook "Quality Transport"