Animal Transport Certification


D 1.2. Report on scientific underpinning of quality criteria for CPs Download

D 1.3 Databank of tariffs and unit costs for CP building and renovation in Greece and Hungary Download 1.3.bis : Price List Download

D 2.1. A report describing the results of the literature search including an overview of certification schemes and conclusions from the stakeholder consultation Download

D 2.2. Animal welfare assessment protocols for transported cattle, pigs, horses and sheep D 2.1.a - Cattle Download D 2.1.b - Horses Download D 2.1.c - Pigs Download D 2.1.e - Sheeps Download

D 2.3. Training material for the welfare assessment protocols (with gold standards) Download

D 2.4. Preliminary datasets with animal based and resource based parameters as well as management and transport parameters per species for cattle, pigs, horses and sheep, to be used as a check list for the animal transport certification system (in WP3) Download

D 2.5. Final checklists to be used in the certification scheme (WP3) Download

D 2.6. A report describing the animal welfare monitoring systems for drivers and third parties for transported cattle and pigs Download

D 3.2. Initial Audits of Transporters that use High Quality Control Posts Download

D 3.6. Cost-benefit analysis for private certification schemes for animal welfare during transport and at control posts Download

D 4.1. Report containing the information strategy Download

D 4.2. 3-month electronic Newsletters Go to

D 4.3. Handbooks Go to

D 4.4. Social Networking activity results Download

D 5.6. Report containing results of the international conference Download

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