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Control Posts

Thanks to this Project, 4 Control Posts in the EU were renovated increasing their quality standards as concerns high levels of animal welfare, sound systems of biosecurity, work safety and efficiency of personnel and environmental sustainability. Take our virtual tour of new and renewed Control Posts. A detailed description of the four CPs is also available.

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Address: Külterület, 013, hrsz, 7524 Kiskporpád, 7404, Kaposvár, Hungary
Capacity: 600 pigs > 100 kg, or 923 pigs 85-110 kg, or 1090 pigs 50-85 kg, or 1200 pigs 30-50 kg, or 3000 piglets < 20 kg, or 366 pregnant gilts, or 267 sows

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Address: Chlastawa 11, 66-210, Zbaszynek, Lubuskie, Poland
Capacity: 760 cattle, 423 cows and calves, 1270 calves, 3000 pigs, 80 horses, 2200 sheep, 3200 lambs, 1270 goats

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Address: 32011 Inofita, Viotia, Greece
Capacity: 120 cattle, 370 sheep, 120 pigs

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Address: 9, 63 La longue Chasse, 50470, Tollevast, France
Capacity: 300 cattle (broutards), or 1.500 unweaned calves

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