Objective and Work Packages

High quality Control Posts

Objective of the Control Post Project

Objective 1 - Based on the highest level of specifications recommended by the feasibility study, the project aimed at planning, designing and financing the building

Work Package 1. Building and renovation of control posts

Based on the planned investments of the 8 CPs a detailed planning and design of the interventions was planned taking into account the requirements for:

Workpackage 2. Animal welfare assessment before and after renovation

The main tasks of this WP were supporting the development of a pilot certification scheme (in WP3), and an e-learning tool (in WP5), as well as providing knowledge for dissemination via a dedicated website to potential users of the CPs (in WP4). In addition, it was formally delivered an independent scientific assessment of the level of improvement provided by the action concerning the welfare of transported animals in the CPs.

Work Package 3. Establishment of a pilot certification scheme

In this Work Package a pilot certification scheme for CPs in the EU was developed. Starting from the draft certification scheme reported in the Feasibility Study, a science based certification scheme was designed using the knowledge of the scientists working in this action, the results of the AW assessments and the key infrastructure parameters provided by WP2. The pilot scheme was tested in five CPs.

Work Package 4 multifunctional website and european wide service of on line information and booking

This Work Package was dedicated to all outputs of the action which were uploaded the Control Post website.

Work Package 5. Dissemination of results and development of e-learning tools

Work Package 5 was dedicated to the overall dissemination of the results by means of a handbook and maps and to the development of e-learning tools targeted to transport companies, staff of CPs and veterinarians of the competent authorities. In the scheme below the programme of work of WP5 is demonstrated.

Work Package 6. Management of the action

The effective management and co-ordination structure, including planning and financial monitoring systems, as well as a system for quality control were handled to the highest possible standards. The day-to-day project management was also be an integral part of this WP. Periodic project evaluations – including a midterm review - took place to assess the extent to which specific objectives had been reached. The quality control systems were implemented and maintained throughout the life span of the project. This ensured an effective communication flow among project participants, cooperation between participants as planned and a guarantee that deliverables were provided on schedule with the highest possible quality characters.