About the project

High quality Control Posts


The project provided a significant improvement of the equipment as well as the management of 8 Control Posts (CPs) located at the cross roads of important flows of animals transported over long journeys in the EU.

Specific objectives of the action carried out were:

  • Planning, designing, financing building and renovation of 8 CPs in order to set up a reference for the highest quality standards for such establishments;
  • Developing the standards aimed at the establishment of a pilot certification scheme for CPs with an adequate involvement of relevant stakeholders represented by an appointed advisory board. The design of a quality certification system (CS), technically and economically viable, enabled the classification of CPs according to their degree of compliance with animal welfare (AW) standards and with high level of bio security;
  • Setting up a European wide on line booking service with detailed information concerning the CPs involved;
  • Development of e-learning tools to provide information and awareness, targeted to drivers of transport companies, CP staff and official veterinary inspectors, on the practical ways they can improve the welfare of transported animals over long journeys;
  • Dissemination of the results of the action to the target groups by means of handbooks, maps, a dedicated website and an international stakeholder conference.

To achieve these objectives the project consisted of six work packages (WPs).

Useful documents about the project framework are available here:


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