High quality Control Posts - Animal transport certification

Authors: de Roest K., Ferrari P., Rossi P.
Source: Agricoltura, 2013 (I)

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Author: Gębska M.
Source: Wie Jutra, 2012 (PL)

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Authors: Sossidou E., de Roest K.
Source: Animal Science and Biotechnologies, 2012

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The final international conference of the DG Health and Food Safety funded project “Development of EU wide animal transport certification system and renovation of control posts in the EU” was held on 7 May, 2014 in the Hague, Netherlands, at Kurhaus Hotel, Scheveningen.

Seventy four experts and professionals coming from fourteen EU Member States, extra-EU countries (Canada and USA) and International Organisations took part in the event.

The 40th Annual ATA Conference was held on 4 -7 May, 2014 in The Hague, Netherlands.