High quality Control Posts - Animal transport certification

A training course for Certification Bodies will be held at Aarhus on June 11th, 2014. Interested Certification Bodies have the chance to be trained about this innovative certification system. If you wish to participate read here how to apply.

Interested companies have the chance to be involved in the testing of a certification system for good animal welfare during long journey transports in the EU by means of receiving a test audit within the pilot system “Welfare Plus”. If you wish to participate in the testing phase read here how to apply.

Invited are experts and professionals coming from several countries, and discussions are focused on find concrete suggestions to face main challenges on this field.

On 7th May 2014 - during the final conference of the project that will be held in the Nederlands - main outcomes of the discussion groups will be presented, and they will take in consideration for the final recommendations to the European Commission.

Click here for more details about this innovative activity.

If you want contribute and share your experiences with other experts, please specify your profile and the group you would join at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the framework of the European project “Development of EU wide animal transport certification system and renovation of control posts in the European Union”, a very innovative activity is foreseen: the creation of a virtual community contributing to increase the welfare of animals during long distance transportation in Europe.

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This is to inform that the different eLearning courses will start since 15th April 2013 and will be concluded by 10th May 2013.
The secretariat will directly contact participants one week before the starting of the course to give them details and reletevant information.